Nutrenics Biostimulant – Pre & Probiotics for Plants & Soil

Use Natural microscopic living organisms to boost your plant and garden’s health and fertility! Simply dilute and spray on plants, flowers, fruits & soil. Nutrenics’ microbes will do the rest. They will find their way to different parts of the plants and soil, figure out what is needed to help the plants at the right time and get it done.

Spray the diluted solution (1 part of Nutrenics Plant Biostimulant with 100 parts water) evenly on plant leaves, stem, flowers, fruits & soil every 2-3 weeks.
100% Natural. No Manures. No Pathogens. Non-genetically Modified. Non harmful to People & AnimalsMore Information:
Nutrenics Plant Biostimulant is a collection of more than 15 different types of natural microscopic organisms (microbes) beneficial to plant and soil health. The microbes work together with plants on a wide variety of functions critical to the plants health.
These microbes have been selected based on their beneficial activities to the soil in promoting healthy soil activity by breaking down toxins into more bioavailable compounds, suppressing disease causing microbes & providing nutrients for plants.

Soil Health

promotes a wide spectrum of beneficial soil microbial activity to improve soil health; these microbes will be ready to unlock nutrients to the plants at the specific time they require it.

Plant Growth

Plants communicate their requirements the microbes who in turn help to provide fertilisers, proteins, enzymes, growth promoters, amino acids or hormones, as required, critical for plant growth. Plants in turn feed the microbes by their root secretions.

Crop Yield

The coordination between the plants and the microbes has a dramatic effect on crop yields quality and quantity. Tests have confirmed this for a wide variety of plants from rice, corn, oil palms, fruit & vegetables in both tropical and temperate climates.

Fertiliser Utilisation

The microbes dramatically improves fertiliser uptake efficiency. For the same yield results, less fertiliser is typically required.

Disease Suppression

A number of common plant diseases are significantly suppressed by a wide variety of disease-suppressing microbes present. This significantly reduces the need for pesticides, fungicides and other environmental poisons.

Environmental Remediation

All the above provide a progressive & nurturing approach to dealing with long-standing agricultural issues whilst supporting ecologically sound practices which lead to environmental remediation.
Ingredients: Water, soil & plant microbes, organic microbe foods.


What are microbes?
Microbes are living microscopic organisms too small for the naked eye and the foundation of biology and since they are the bottom of the food chain. All living things from plants to animals depend on these amazing creatures to do a wide variety of functions critical to life. Think of Nutrenics Plant & Soil Biostimulant as pre & pro biotics for plants and soil.

Is Nutrenics Biostimulant a fertiliser?
No- fertiliser is a general term used for plant food which is still needed by plants either in the form of fertiliser or compost. The microbes’ job is to get this to the plants efficiently.

Does this replace fertilisers?
No- what ever is taken out of the soil needs to be put back in and this is what fertilisers are for. You will still need to add fertilisers if you are not composting back your debris. For additional fruiting you may need some extra fruiting fertiliser. Nutrenics Biostimulant will make sure that the fertiliser available is well absorbed by the plants.

What is the best dosage?
Our recommended dosage should be fine for most plants and trees however for extra dramatic results, you can increase the dosage by doubling or tripling for the first month to kick-start the system.

Does it work on all plants?
Yes, it works on anything that photosynthesises (has leaves). However, do not use it on fungi like mushrooms unless you want to get rid of them since some of the microbes have strong anti-fungal properties.

Can I overdose?
Within the recommended dosages, no but be aware, once the plants reach their optimums, putting more is not going to help much further.

Are they harmful to humans and animals?
There are no pathogens or harmful chemicals in Nutrenics so they are not harmful to humans and animals. However, since clinical tests for human consumption have not been performed, we do not recommend ingesting them.

How long do they last?
1 Litre Bottle: Nutrenics gives an expiry date of 6 months from bottling but they will be fine for use for over 1 year.

Spray Bottle.
Use within 3 months of purchase. The diluted spray does not last as long as the concentrate.

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