For any sustainable or regenerative farming, we think that building soil should be the number one priority. One of the best ways of doing this apart from the addition of Nutrenics Plant Biostimulant, is the use of compost.

Landscape debris being processedAny leafy green, brown landscape debris with twigs can be used as a source material for composting. We can also compost commercial crops debris such as Empty Fruit Bunches from oil palm.

​The Missing Element:

Fertilisers are concentrated sources of plant nutrients added to soil or plants to correct soil imbalances and increase yields. It is almost universal today to quote the values of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (N,P & K) in fertilisers as the major elements, and sometimes the minor elements which are typically considered as Magnesium (Mg), Manganese (Mn) Iron (Fe), Sulphur (S), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), and Boron (B).

Curiously missing from these is the element Carbon, C. As the backbone element of all organic compounds, we think that overlooking carbon as a plant nutrient is a serious bottleneck to optimal plant growth. The photosynthesis reaction learned at school in biology teaches that plants’ source of carbon is from the CO2 in the atmosphere. Whilst absolutely true, it overlooks that this is not the only source of carbon to plants. There are vast numbers of organic compounds such as humic and fulvic acids, amino acids etc which are all tremendously beneficial to plant development. The most practical and economic source of these, and therefore carbon, is from well-made compost.

Branches being fed into wood chipperShredding of the debris to increase the surface area to volume ratio prior to composting.

Lawnmower used to shred landscape debrisFor small users who don’t have a dedicated shredder, a lawnmower can be used quite effectively and economically for shredding.


The usage of well-made compost will tremendously assist in kick-starting the health of the soil and root biomes where beneficial microbes can flourish. This in turn provides tremendous benefits to the overall plant performance with corresponding reduction in fertiliser requirements for many crops. It is important to note that well-made compost doesn’t smell putrid or have any toxic odours- it should smell earthy and pleasant, be moist but not wet and should be teeming with beneficial microbial activity. Poorly-made compost can contain a variety of undesirable microbes which may be pathogenic and contain their toxic by-products such as polyphenols, volatile organic compounds, hydrogen sulphide, various alcohols & aldehydes even cyanides, alflatoxins etc.

Landscape derbis being shrededShredded landscape debris ready for composting.

Applying Nutrenics to landscape debris raises the temperatureThe temperature of the compost pile once the Nutrenics microbes are added will shoot up very quickly within a day to around 60-70ºC. This high temperature is important for the correct breakdown of the debris and help to neutralise any pathogenic microbial activity.

Commercial Crops

For commercial crop growers looking to reduce their dependance on synthetic fertilisers and other agro-chemicals, we actively advocate the use of Nutrenics Plant Biostimulant and compost. The usage of Nutrenics’ microbes for composting can dramatically increase the speed of the composting process as well as the final quality of the product in terms of nutrient values and C:N ratios. It also simplifies the processes and machinery requirements to make great compost economically.
​Nutrenics can assist customers on how to get the best from debris and other waste organic material to recover valuable nutrients in what would otherwise be considered waste. We can also advise on how to fortify compost with nutrients whether organic or synthetic to make a more balanced and complete package for crops.

Organic Farming

It is said that you can’t do organic farming until you know how to compost. For organic farmers looking to get better results, our microbes can help tremendously in this process.

Nutrenics prepared compost in a truck ready to be deliveredThe final product.

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