Nutrenics Plant Biostimulant will provide a wide range of beneficial effects for any plant that photosynthesises, whether tropical or temperate from personal gardens to commercial sized crop farming. These benefits include but are not limited those listed under plant benefits in the “Why microbes” section.We have been testing the Nutrenics Plant Biostimulant for years on a wide variety of crops with excellent results in yield quality and quantity, plant and soil health. Some of the crops include the following:
  • Grains – Rice, Corn, Wheat & Barley
  • Perennial Fruit Trees (apples, durians, mangos, grapes and others)
  • Palms: Oil Palm, Coconuts, Areca and others
  • Cash crops: Pineapples, bananas, chillies and many others
  • Leafy greens: spinach, cabbages, lettuce etc.
  • Landscaping, turfing and flowers
  • Pastures & Greens

Note- Nutrenics Plant Biostimulant should not be used for mushrooms or fungi since they function differently to photosynthesising plants and some of the microbes in Nutrenics Plant Biostimulant may be adverse to their development.

Spinach crops that were treated with Nutrenics
Organic spinach treated with Nutrenics


Padi field crops that were treated with NutrenicsNutrenics treated padi field

Since rice is the largest source of starches globally and we are based in the tropics, we have focused a lot of attention on optimising agricultural regimes to improve crop performance whilst improving the soil conditions and reversing decades of abuse of agri-chemicals on the land. We have extensive testing and results on growing rice especially in tropical conditions and have recorded yield increases of 20-140% depending on the initial conditions by using Nutrenics Plant Biostimulant. We are in constant development on how to keep improving and would be pleased to assist you improve yields and reduce costs.


We have performed studies and tests on corn and recorded yield increases of over 50% compared to conventional controls by using a combination of the Nutrenics Plant Biostimulant and high-density planting techniques. Wheat – Under trials in the UK ​Barley – Under trials in the UK

Cow grass that has been treated with NutrenicsAxonopus (cow grass) treated with Nutrenics compost and Plant Biostimulant
Jambu treated with Nutrenics
Jambu Air treated with Nutrenics
Sliced Betel nuts (areca) that was treated with NutrenicsAreca (betel nut) treated with Nutrenics compost and Plant Biostimulant

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